Sharp Turn Ahead

It has been a while since the last design conference I have attended. Circles was a wholly unique experience for me. Probably because the focus was less on techniques, movement in the web design industry, and more about the passion to create, which was something I really needed. I have felt a lot like Lotta Nieminen at times the last few years; cranking stuff out, and not doing work I really enjoy. There are lots of reasons for this, but I think there are a couple major self-inflicted ones.

First, I really wasn’t finding a lot of inspiration for my work in life. Despite being able to work from wherever, I would spend most of my time at my office while I worked. I wasn’t exploring, wasn’t letting God’s creation, letting life, inspire me. Second, I wasn’t finding the things I wanted to work on, when the work I was doing wasn’t the kind of work I wanted. So what does this mean for me? I am going to take advantage of the blessings God has given me to work in a distributed environment, and I am going to find the work I want to do. I am sick of waiting for it to come to me, so I am going to start doing it.

Here are a few notes from the speakers that I felt brought me to these conclusions.

Don’t let fear of failing crop into your work. – Lotta Nieminen
Better living equals better designing… screw safety and start living. – Carlos Whittaker
Aspire to change the world, in a small, but significant way.- Cameron Moll
Don’t wait for your dream job, self-initiate. – Patrick Mahoney.
Think more about the story that has made your work, your work. – Megan Gilger
Stick to your strengths – Terry Storch
Make products you believe in. – Jeff Sheldon

There is still a lot more for me to think about, especially Ben Jenkins’ talk. There was a lot in that one that I really need to continue thinking through, and while I didn’t have any quotes from him… I apparently didn’t take notes during his preso. I have already watched it again twice, and he is very much the reason I am evaluating where I do my work, and what I do during my off time.


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