Working Hard

It has been some time since the last time I really wrote anything online. I used to write on a semi-regular basis about music and theology over on a blog I had on Blogspot. The problem is, I got lazy, and I got a full time job doing design work, the blog got thrown to the wayside.

Now I am feeling the urge to once again pick up the notepad and pencil… err.. keyboard and text field, and write again. Recently, I started the whole process of doing a redesign of a site, and I had a meeting with the client. I have discovered over the last year that I have found it difficult to get clients to talk about stylistic choices, especially on this most recent project. Although I think some of it is inexperience in some ways, I know it is also my seeming inability to stick to an outline. I improvise, or I get distracted by other things (even controlling the web browser the client is viewing), and I lose track of what I want to ask.

So what is the point? Structure is important, sure I spend plenty of time preparing, but if action doesn’t result, the prep time is worthless. I recently read a post on retinart.net about working hard, not hard working (http://is.gd/kxjf2), and the principle is similar. If you are going to do something, plan and then follow through with that plan. Don’t plan then forget about it (Work Hard, then Hard work), or not plan at all (just Hard work), but Work Hard, so you can succeed, and feel confident about the work you do.

Thanks to @retinart for the inspiration, and well, a good portion of the ideas above as well. Check out the link above to his blog, its fantastic.



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